We're a digital consultancy capable of accelerating your ideas across the finish line.

At 6GS, we believe that well-designed software should always be working for you. It's built for a specific purpose and adds real, measurable value to your organization.

We believe that we are uniquely positioned in our industry to offer the expert software advice your business needs to move forward.

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This year, 6GS helped change my paper-based company into a high-tech, highly-efficient success! Most importantly, the software they delivered is now saving me 40 hours of work per month of my own personal time.

I highly recommend the technical skills of Josh and his team.

David Elliott
DDS Vancouver

here's six things (amongst others) that we're great at…

Application Strategy

The battle plan for your next amazing application.

Take advantage of our extensive experience designing and launching highly successful web and mobile applications.

We can deliver an application strategy to maximize the impact of your ideas.

Big Data Consulting

Warehousing and analytics for the largest databases.

We can tackle your existing big data analysis or guide you through the process of setting up your first warehouse.

We advise Google Cloud Platform for large-scale analytics.

Cloud Architecture

Guarantee your servers are always fast and available.

We understand how to launch and how to scale. Allow us to design robust infrastructure for your high-traffic apps today and tomorrow.

We deploy on AWS and similar cloud hosting platforms.

Beautiful Apps

Cross Platform apps for iOS, Android and the Web.

Target specific platforms with native applications, or take a rich, cross-platform approach.

Every project will have different needs, but rest assured we can help you select the choices that perfectly balances app features and budget.

Data Management

Powerful CMS tools designed around your unique data.

Our powerful admin interfaces are made-to-order in Go, Django and PostgreSQL.

They are so easy to use, most customers can start working immediately.

Payment Solutions

Web payments that surpass the average e-commerce plugin.

Sophisticated marketplace apps, custom shopping carts and other advanced payment functionality.

We love creating advanced payment solutions on top of the powerful Stripe API.

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Data IntegrationsAWSGoogleStripeTwilioMailChimpmore...

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